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Apple and Android - Download & Use






















1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Search tmim or therapeutic music in medicine.
























2. Enter your passcode and press Go. Unless you logout or restart your device,

you will remain logged in and will not have to re-enter your passcode.
























3. Themes Menu. Choose a theme. For the Extras Menu, press























4. Extras Menu – About, Terms & Logout.

To return to the Themes Menu, press

























5. To return to the Extras Menu press
























6. Playlist menu.  Choose a playlist. Use back arrow to return to Themes Menu.





















7. Playlist. Choose a track or play from the top. Scroll down for additional tracks.

1. Use back arrow to return to Playlist Menu.

2. Scrubber tool.

3. Track Controls left to right – repeat, skip back, play/stop, skip forward, shuffle.

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